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Referral Reward Program

Do you know someone who needs a home improvement project done for them?

Could you use an extra 100.00 CASH?

Then take advantage of our referral reward program. 

How it works - You refer someone to our company that ends up as our client and we will pay you 100.00 CASH. 

AND you will be doing your friend a favor a well. Because they will receive a 10% labor discount on their project.

Projects must be valued at 2000.00 labor or more.

Offer Expires June 30th 2014

Offer only valid if this page is presented to us at the time the new referral accepts our quote and before we start your job. Hint- Receive the quote first....then hand us this printed page or show it to us on your computer. In other words, get the itemized quote, make the decision to employ the best home improvement contractor in your area ( and then hand us this page. The referrer will receive their 100.00 out of the deposit you give us AND your total itemized labor prices immediately decrease by 10%.
Explanation of the offer above and a brief Bio of our company.
Why are we offering this deal you might be asking yourself? Here is why. I personally think that at this moment, we are the BEST contractor for you. We have fair prices, we are attracting even higher quality craftsman, and having daily, weekly and monthly ongoing training for our tradesmen and the rest of our company, including the!
The FACTS are that we spent almost 30 years building a well respected and well known company in Northern VA. We were also known by and rubbed elbows with some of the "heaviest hitters" throughout the country. We joined every top contracting networks, training camps, and traded various paper works, employee incentives, management training courses that we could find throughout the country. We learned from the best of the best contractors in the country until we became one of them ourselves. Most of this training/learning had to do with "How to make our clients KNOW that we were the best company for their jobs and therefore they became repeat clients and steady referrals. We spent 15 years without all of this training and wondered why we were only growing our business at 5-10% per year. We LEARNED that although word of mouth is the best advertising, it's not enough by itself if you want to grow at 20-30% per year. I forget the exact statistics but the perfectly growing business will receive approximately 50% of their leads from repeats and word of mouth referrals and the other 50% through marketing/advertising their business. We also LEARNED that in order to grow at comfortable pace for us, we had to invest 10% of our gross income into different sorts of advertising. 
All of this happened and worked for us every year for the last 15 years we were in Northern VA. 
We have only been n this area for 5 years and this is the year that we are going to put all of our training and learning back to work. I'm not going to go into why we moved down here after all of those years up there, but I will say that it got too crowded, I was having marital problems, and was simply tired of the same old things.
I'm now 55 years old and started in this business in 1977. When I first started, I HAD to be the best. I HAD to have the happiest clients. I HAD to be successful and provide GOOD jobs for our employees. We did all that. Then I lost my mother and my DRIVE the same year that I moved here.
Today and hopefully until my final expiration date, the DRIVE is back and we intend to be the BEST contractor for your project(s) that you could possibly find in this area.
Oh, back to the offer. We advertise in many different ways. We call it the marketing matrix. And it all costs money. around 10% of our gross income to be exact. So we can we give a portion of this money back to our clients instead of these internet companies, newspapers, etc. And that is how the idea was born. Maybe it will work to where everyone wins and maybe it won't. But we've invested in worse ideas. We once flew a plane around the beltway a few times dragging a banner behind it. That same plane could turn that banner into lights that spelled out and we had him fly over a pre-season Redskin game at FEDEX field for at least half of the game. Neither worked, I think we got one lead out of all that flying. But that's advertising, and that's business. We just hope that when you hire our company, that at the END of the project, you'll know you hired the right company.